At the heart of the Christian story is grace – affirming that we get what we don’t deserve. We have not, and can not, earn God’s love – yet God loves us.

This idea is pretty counter cultural in America – that people who don’t deserve love are the very ones who get it abundantly. Many Americans have embraced the “protestant work ethic” that means we work hard and think we’ve earned what we get – and we take great pride in this! It is such an important part of our cultural heritage to tell the stories of people who have “pulled themselves up by their bootstraps” that we don’t really embrace stories of people who get great reward for little work. People “born with a silver spoon” in their mouths are not valued as much as those who have worked hard to get where they are in life.

No wonder it is so hard to understand grace! None of us deserve God’s grace, and yet we all get this gift. As Methodists we understand that there are three different experiences of grace, and the first is the universal experience of “prevenient grace.” This is the grace of God that chases after us, invites us to be in relationship with God, and frees us to say yes to this invitation!

God’s grace comes into our lives in big ways and little ways. Just today my sister and I tried to buy some bottles of juice when the register in the store stopped working. The clerked looked at us and said, “go ahead, I’ve got you covered.” We were perfect strangers and he could have simply refused to sell us our drinks, but instead he extended grace to us – we got something we didn’t earn because someone decided to bestow grace upon us.

Grace happens everyday…do we stop to notice it?


One Response to Grace

  1. Laura Church says:

    I always read your messages and am Blessed by them. Laura

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