Camp Victor 1

Camp Victor

5:45 a.m. Saturday morning began our journey from Warrenton UMC to Camp Victor in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.

Seven of us were able to make the trip. I was one of two passenger’s in Bill C.’s truck and we passed the time hearing exciting tales from the life of firefighters, school teachers, and pastors. Talk of politics and theology were enjoyed by all.

There is much variety among the members of the trip: our life experiences, denominations, and motivations for signing up. But, we all share in common a heart that desires to grow closer to God and who will be expressing our faith through our actions this week.

In no way do our works as people of God earn God’s favor…but we respond to God’s love for us by action towards others. United Methodists stress a balance between “personal holiness” and “social holiness.” Our “vertical relationship” – that personal relationship we develop with God through the love of Christ and the activity of the Holy Spirit – is enhanced by our “horizontal relationship” – showing love to our neighbors, and letting ourselves be loved by others.

On the drive we passed a fantastic billboard:

“When I said ‘Love your neighbors’, I meant it.” – God

May this week be blessed by God’s activity in the world, and may we be willing participants in God’s work.


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