Camp Victor 2

Tonight we had our orientation to Camp Victor. The site where we’re staying is a large warehouse, formerly a textile mill. This building uses $45,000 a year in electricity, which the local government pays. However, they calcuate that each hour worked by a volunter is worth $18.06…so we more than earn our keep!

It is truly a volunteer resort – they provide a bunk bed, three meals a day, and plan all of our activities for the day!

I am assigned to a work crew that will be putting a roof on a man’s home…there is currently a blue tarp covering the entire house. This project is very exciting for me because a few years ago I spent a week in the Bahamas doing roof work after a hurricane…so it will be nice to use some of those roofing skills I learned on an UMVIM trip!

However, the most important work that we will be doing this week is not simply hammering nails into shingles…it will be to provide a listening ear and a loving heart to the homeowner. Mr. C.H. is 80 years old. He has no family except his white pit bull…who I really hope will be staked up while we work. Testifying to the presence of God in the midst of turmoil means that we ourselves need to be willing to be present to others in their time of need. Even now, 2 years, 8 months, and 19 days after the storm (I think that is the count they told us during the orientation…) there are people living with mold on their walls, and tarps in place of a real roof.

The tri-cities work camp crew (all 65 members) participated in an annointing of hands tonight. We have prayed that our hands mights be set apart this week for God’s work. May not only my hands be set apart, but may I have eyes to see and ears to hear, and God’s heart to love all those I encounter.

Annointed Hands


One Response to Camp Victor 2

  1. John Chadsey says:

    I am excited by the ministry as well as work you will be doing for Mr. C.H. How hard it must be at that age to have your roof ripped off and have no way to repair it yourself or pay to have it done. All of the teams presence in that work and others will be a great blessing….may all of you know you are blessed as well!


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