Spiritual disciplines shape our life – and that our life shapes spiritual disciplines. Last week I decided to try to live by the food stamp allotment for three days (Tues. – Thurs.) this week – eating on only $3 a day. (see poverty diet post.)

Tuesday started off with the sudden realization that I hadn’t prepared and gone shopping for the suggested foods (store brand farina and other cheap grains). Instead I ate a frozen waffle (that definitely cost less than $3) and resolved for the rest of the day to eat only food that I hadn’t paid for. I was the lucky recipient of a gift of eggs from a friend, peanut butter and jelly, and some items so that I could stick to the budget. It reinforced the need for our food distribution of non-perishable goods. I wouldn’t have eaten much except for the waffle if I’d had to pay for anything else that day!

Wednesday got excluded from this exercise because it was my father’s birthday and I knew we’d be going out Wednesday night and it didn’t seem like that would be fair.

Thursday – well, today Chick-fil-a opened! And, I still haven’t been to the grocery store…so, that leaves me with tomorrow to see how this turns out.

It has already shown me how much more time and effort it goes into planning on such a limited budget…grabbing a quick frozen waffle consumes so much of a daily food stamp budget!

It also reminds me how truly privileged I am. While I don’t make a lot of money…it certainly is enough to splurge $6 at Chick-fil-a just because I can’t resist their waffle fries – the same amount someone else would need to budget to eat for two whole days.

Amazing how I really have SO MUCH that I take for granted! Not unlike the events of this weekend. It is such a normal part of my life to contemplate the amazing saving acts that happen from Good Friday to Easter. I worry that I might even take them for granted, like I take my economic freedom for granted.

What would it feel like to be so spiritually impoverished that is would feel like living on the equivalent of $3 a day? May I not take for granted God’s presence in this world!


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