Living into the Easter Season

My attempt to adherw to the budget limits imposed upon food stamp recipients taught me at least three things:

1. It takes a lot of time and energy to be poor – planning out how exactly to spend only $3 per day means reading sale fliers, clipping coupons and planning menus very closely. While those three things are perfectly normal activities it takes some creative thinking to stick to just $3 a day. I was not capable of putting enough energy into all of this planning. I wouldn’t be able to survive on that budget limit as a long term plan…

2. I had to rely on other people. To supplement meager meals I ate food given to me by others (some staples and some special items). This just reinforced how important our food distribution program is in order to make those budget dollars stretch! I was even taken out to dinner one night by a lovely couple who reminded me that God always provides…and sometimes this provision comes from the gracious hospitality of God’s people.

3. There is a long way to go to solve the problem of poverty. Friday afternoon I had a message from a distraught woman who thought our food distribution was happening the next day and she needed a ride because she is disabled. I wasn’t able to help because she missed the distribution day for the month. But it reminded me that often poverty is not a simple problem with a simple solution (giving people more money…) but poverty is often a symptom of something else: disability, addiction, inadequate education, and more.

Participating in God’s work in this world as agents of change means that we need to think about those big questions – the broken systems and deep issues people face everyday…but I admit that at a certain point my head just starts to hurt. There is just so much in the world that is broken and dark…but praise God that our Risen Christ has done the hard work of redeeming the world!

Through God’s grace I am constantly reminded that I’m called to work where God’s Spirit is working because we do not work alone. We don’t work to save the world because Jesus has already done that work for us – but, we do respond to God’s saving grace by participating in the redemption of the bad things of life. Being present in times of darkness and loss – being with those who mourn, crying with those who cry, and praying with those who can’t pray…those are all ways we live into the Easter Season by testifying to God’s presence in the midst of darkness and working to redeem even death and bringing forth life.

Christ is Risen! He is Risen Indeed!


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  1. Frequent WUMC Visitor says:

    Very good points! Thank you for that posting.

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