I am so grateful that God calls Christians to practice hospitality. A friend of mine is moving to Colorado to help a family she loves. (Please pray for Ian Lyons, a 12 year old currently undergoing cancer treatment.)

Wednesday started a week’s vacation for me and a four day drive west with my friend. Along the way we’ve had the opportunity to experience amazing Christian Hospitality. I didn’t know anyone in Lexington, KY but a fellow UMC pastor was able to connect me to one of her friends there. We were total strangers to this woman, but we enjoyed a warm welcome and good company. Tonight we’re staying in St. Louis with a girl from my friend’s college small group. Twice in two days I’ve experienced strangers becoming good friends in an instant – thanks to the common bond we share through our love for Christ. Giving thanks and praying together over a meal brings hearts together…and doesn’t leave room for the distance strangers usually have between them.

We don’t have any connections who live in the middle of Kansas, so we’ll be stopping at a hotel tomorrow night. While we might have slightly more “comfortable” accommodations because we’ll have real beds instead of an air matress or a futon it definitely won’t be the same…building the body of Christ by practicing hospitality means so much more, and I’m so grateful to have been blessed with hospitality these past two days!


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