Garden of the Gods

Colorado Springs, CO

Sunday afternoon I walked through the Garden of the Gods with my friend. We reflected on the sermon we heard at New Life Church.

I tend to hear everything through my filter of a “Wesleyan Understanding of faith.” My friend was raised Baptist and has recently been attending a Presbyterian Church…although with great reservation about the idea of pre-destination.

She differed with the pastor’s theological take on one or two issues, and I did as well…although not on the same issues 😀

He spoke about how “The Holy Spirit brought him to Jesus and then Jesus introduced him to the Holy Spirit.” That was a paradox she wanted explained but the only answer the pastor provided was, “Isn’t that great?”

On the other hand, I was not very off put by this phrase because I just added a few words…”The Holy Spirit [the agent of God’s prevenient grace] introduced him to Jesus [The agent of God’s justifying grace] and then Jesus introduced him to the Holy Spirit [The agent of God’s Sanctifying Grace]. They’re all the same grace…but we experience it differently at different times…just like the trinity is one God, but I believe I encounter Jesus in a different way than the Holy Spirit…

Then, we happened upon one of the rock formations called, Three Graces. Wow, I just love God’s sense of humor!

Without boring my friend to death (she had, after all, survived four days driving across country with me…so maybe she was already prepared?) I got to share how I experience God’s grace in my life. My friend is very much in love with Jesus so I wasn’t sharing the Gospel to someone who was hearing it for the first time…but it was good practice.

Practicing telling our faith story (in short and understandable language) with our friends and other believers helps up feel more comfortable when it is time to tell our faith story to someone who doesn’t know the Good News of Jesus Christ. I admit, I really struggle with keeping it short and in understandable language. Just like a doctor might assume I would understand medical terms used everyday in that field someone I make the mistake of assuming folks know some of the theological words used everyday in my field.

But, while standing in front of that rock it seemed very simple. My God’s grace always be that clear in my mind.


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