Spring has Sprung!

The arrival of Spring means two things for me: daily allergy medicine and the urge to clean out and purge my life of unwanted stuff.

Fortunately for me, on the days I remember to take it Claritin-D seems to be doing the trick this year…although I’m not drinking enough water and found that last week by the third service my throat was a little too dry to talk in the middle of the sermon. One of these days I’ll build up my vocal stamina and will be able to avoid a coughing fit in the middle of the 11 a.m. service.

As to the spring cleaning, the youth rummage sale is coming up in just a week! Anyone need a pair of sunglasses? I’m donating two pairs.

Does anyone else ever wander through a church rummage sale and wonder who donated what? Is that just me? I don’t think I’ve got anything overly interesting in this batch…lots of books and crayon night light are the only other things I think folks might buy.

I’m so curious to see what other things people are going to donate because it intrigues me what the things we own say about us. My debate this week will be “do I keep the papasan chair or not?” It originated in Maine and made its way to a dorm room at Virginia Wesleyan College. I spent a significant amount of time studying and reading in it…while visiting its owner. When my friend moved to Europe after graduation I purchased it from her and have been trying to figure out what to do with it since.

After a decade the cushion isn’t nearly as comfortable as it once was, and it is STILL awkward to get in and out. My fondness for my friend isn’t tied up in the memories of this chair, but a certain era of my life certainly is. What happens when we let go of a thing – does it symbolize letting go of part of who we were to embrace who we are now? Or, is it simply a required part of making space for who we are to be in the years to come?

I don’t know if I’ll figure anything out or have any insight into this in the next week…but at least I’ve got a week to decide if the chair has a new place in my life now or not.


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