Complaint Free Day 2

It took me until today to get to day 2 in the challenge to go 21 consecutive days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping! I was afraid I would never make it past the first day…

Tuesday night was great practice. I had dinner with a very good friend from Boston who was extremely patient as I haltingly talked about life and our mutual friends. Where exactly is line between gossip and simply sharing life updates on mutual friends? We muddled our way through and I only switched my band about five times…

My friend was also very encouraging when I would articulate a life frustration, but frame it in a more positive manner so that I wouldn’t be caught complaining. It was very interesting to think of my initial statement and then pause to reframe the statement. With practice it might come more naturally so that conversation won’t be filled with periodic pauses to evaluate a statement.

Today I was doing very well until I found myself in that after lunch mental lull and I just let a quick complaint fly out of my mouth! I am learning so much about myself through this process – the topics where I slip up the most and the times of day when I am most cranky. I feel sorry for my friends and family who have long been aware of this information, and I am just finding out!

I’m curious to find out how others are experiencing this challenge.


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