Complaint Free Continues

I’ve finally broken the two day barrier! My wrist brand is all stretched out from so much switching…but I’m confident it won’t have as much switching in the future weeks. My weaknesses around complaining, criticizing, and gossiping are becoming more clear to me. The times of day when I’m most prone to fall into one of those traps (in the afternoon…), the situations where I’m most susceptible (traffic!), and the people I usually complain to, criticize, or gossip to or about (family and friends only…I’ve caught myself whining a few times around the church but I try to keep a tight lid on the other three!).

For those whose bands have broken, whose spouse or friend might need one, or didn’t get one in the first place: good news! I got another 100 in the mail today. They will be available at worship this weekend.


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