Freedom from Shame

On Monday I had my wisdom teeth surgically removed. During the procedure I was given an amazing medication called “versed.” This drug essentially caused me to forget everything that happened from the point I had an IV put into my arm to the point where I was standing at the desk trying to make my follow-up appointment.

All sorts of bad things happened that I’d rather not know about. Thanks to the nurse I do know at one point that my blood pressure went up, which indicated to the doctor that I was experiencing pain. I have no recollection of this pain.

On Sunday our One Prayer Message will be “Lord, May we be free from shame!” I wonder if my experience with this medicine is what it would be like for someone to experience God’s freedom from shame? Knowing that there are things that happened in the past, but not being held down by them – even if they are painful.

May all those who live in shame know God’s freedom and experience God’s healing in their lives!


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