It’s moving time!

Tomorrow morning I begin moving from my current apartment to a new apartment in town. I have moved 9 of the past 10 years!

One of the most amazing things is how much stuff I actually own…and how much of it I probably don’t need. It is a hard thing wrestling with what to keep and what to give away. There is the life I used to lead (where I would study for hours on end sitting in my friend’s papazan chair), the life I currently lead (the one where I own and read a lot of books…) and the life I would like to lead (where I actually use my roller blades more than once!).

I think a lot of people get caught up in the tension between life as we know it and life as we would like to have it. God is constantly doing a new thing in this world and we’re part of that new creation. Sometimes that means making room for the new by giving thanks for the old and passing on those blessings to others. In order to fit into my new space and let go of some of the things from life in the past I turned to freecycle – a way to give things to others and prevent useable items from going into the trash dump. My papazan chair went to a freecycler who’d wanted one for a while, but couldn’t afford it. The bed I broke last month preparing for this move went to someone who could repair it (and who is also a member of another local UMC – small world!). The printer I haven’t used in a year – to a student who needed it, and the artificial Christmas tree to someone who would use it better than me.

I gave thanks to God for the many hours of study and conversation with friends that I had while sitting in that chair, the many (many, many!) papers I printed on that printer, the family members who blessed me with that bedframe, and the true gift of Christmas that causes us to celebrate that holiday. Then, I happily parted with those items from my past.

Now, I look toward the life I’ll lead in my new apartment and am excited to see what God has in store as I move closer to the life I want to be leading (where I now have a lawn and can have a grille to host cook-outs. YAY! Look forward to an August invitation to my new home for lemonade and lawn games).

Church communities share in this same struggle – what to keep for the life we’re currently leading, what to get for the life God is leading us toward, and what we need to pass on to others to bless them from the life we used to lead. It is a hard process, and it never ends, really, because God is always at work transforming us. The good news is that we don’t make these decisions alone, and that we needed be fearful of having to make them – we can make these choices with gratitude for God’s previous blessings, knowing that God is faithful and will continue to bless in every step of life, and that sometimes we’re able to bless others from the gifts of our past.


One Response to It’s moving time!

  1. Margaret Gillikin says:

    Sarah – I think this analogy you use – moving and letting go / preparing to move on and acquiring the needful things for the next step – is an apt and fitting one for the church. What you describe is a regular part of life, and also a very fearful process for so many in the church. This seems to be a helpful way of normalizing what otherwise could paralyze. Thanks!

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