The Cycle of Life

This week I will preside over a funeral, a wedding, and a baptism – all within the span of about 24 hours. At times of joy and sorrow, the church is there. We (the gathered body of Christ) represent God’s presence at all times in life.

Each of these events will be a turning point in someone’s life – and will affect families for years to come. The joy of a new marriage – the joining of families, and the grief of death – losing that person who is the glue holding a family together. In both those events God is present. Crying with the grieving and celebrating with newlyweds. Best of all, Sunday morning we get to welcome a new child into God’s family. What an exciting life that child has to look forward to! All the milestones of life are to come – and God will be present at each one of those…first day of school through graduation and beyond.

I have found in my own life that there are certain reminders to me that God is present in the ordinary everyday things of life. The times when I am alone with God enjoying a really good cup of coffee and some scripture reading. What an amazing God we have – to be present to each and every one of us in our times of need, our times of celebration, and our simple quiet times in our ordinary lives…

Where have you seen God this week?


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