Celebrate the Faith!

This Sunday at church we will ask members of the congregation to commit to regularly practicing one new spiritual discipline: prayer, fasting, daily devotional Scripture study, small group Bible study, hospitality, generous living, tithing, and worship.

These are not ways to earn God’s grace or love, but ways that we can more deeply experience God’s love for us. When we practice any one of these spiritual disciplines it impacts our faith walk with God. When I started my full-time work as a pastor I made a commitment to tithe. Previously I had sporadically done so. It is something I felt called to do and have been amazed at the way God has used that practice to teach me to be a more generous person. I am naturally extremely selfish. But now, after a year of committed tithing I see some of the changes God has made in my heart. I am really excited for the WPER Share-a-thon coming up at the end of October. In fact, I already went over to their website and made a pre-pledge because I believe their music ministry makes a huge impact in the lives of people in our community. I split my tithe between supporting WUMC and other Christian ministries in our community. While I know that many teach I should give my entire tithe to the local church and only give above and beyond that to other ministries I hope that some day I can be at that point of living generously. For now, I am amazed at the changes in my life that God has made through this first step toward being a more generous person.

Over the next month I hope each member of our church will take a next step in their faith walk – whether it is committing to daily prayer or scripture reading, joining a small group, worshiping every week, or even tithing for a month. Truly committing to one spiritual practice opens the door to seeing God’s work in our inner lives. I am very excited about the spiritual growth that might happen during our “Celebrate the Faith Campaign!”


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