“In God we trust”

On our U.S. Currency the government prints to words, “In God We Trust.” However, this is not true for our whole country. It should be true for Christians, but is it really? Is it, “in God we trust” or “in money we trust”?

So many people are being shaken to their core about the roller coast stock market, and the changes in major banks and insurance companies…as people watch their retirement accounts shrink/disappear it is a real test of where we put our faith and trust. In God or in hedge funds?

Scripture tells us again and again that God provides for our needs. It also tells believers to obey God’s commands to look out for the widows and the orphans – the most vulnerable members of society. The church community is to help one another – this is part of how God provides.

However. There are some preachers that preach what I consider a perversion of the Gospel. A so-called “prosperity Gospel.” Essentially these preachers take God’s promises in scripture and proclaim that if only we’re true believers and faithful enough then God will bless us with wealth. I have heard some members of these churches say, “God blessed me with my first house because the bank ignored my bad credit score!” While there are many times when a person starts living an intentional life with God and sows seeds of generosity that turns into a harvest of abundance, that does not mean God blesses people by over-extending their credit.

Ephesians 4:28 talks about the value of work, “He who has been stealing must steal no longer, but must work, doing something useful with his own hands, that he may have something to share with those in need.” Not only are we to be honest, but we work not just to provide for our own needs but to share with others!

I pray that in these uncertain times – as people are anxious about tomorrow, that the church can be a witness to God’s provision to this world. Not simply that faithful people have money – no, that faithful people see God’s work in this world and God’s call to provide for others.

On a lighter note…I share with you a parody of “prosperity praise songs.” They cut right to the core of what is wrong with the prosperity Gospel when the salesman advocates: “Order by faith using your visa, mastercard or 3 easy payments plan!” and “Because if you want it…God wants you to have it, and more!”


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