A Church Quiz

(Hat Tip to Jonathan Brink.)

Leave me a comment to let me know how you do on the quiz:

1. I would rather go to a church that:

(A) Has great worship.

(B) Has love.

2. I would rather go to a small group that:

(A) Has cool people.

(B) Has love.

3. I would rather participate in community that:

(A) Has a lot of programs.

(B) Has love.

4. I would rather attend a function that:

(A) Is hip and entertaining.

(B) Has love.

5. I would rather be lead by:

(A) A really smart person.

(B) Someone who loves.

Not all of these are mutually exclusive (I certainly hope to be both smart and loving) but, when people are “church shopping” or complaining about their church home or simply evaluating the state of a church – what is the real criteria we use?

I’m looking forward to this Spring when our community looks at I Corinthians 13 as part of our Lenten focus: “40 Days of Love.” If you’re interested in being part of the planning team for “40 Days of Love” please send me an email (associatepastor AT warrentonumc.org – replace AT with @). We need people who are willing to serve as small group leaders, as well as a variety of other roles. Most of all, we need people to start praying now: that God will send us more people to love and that God’s love will abundantly flows through us to all those who come to our church.


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