Jesus knocks my socks off!

Tonight was the first performance of our 8th annual “Living Christmas Tree.” There was one young boy, about four years old, sitting with his grandfather in the front row. He wanted to sit right by the percussion section. Before the show I warned the little boy, “It is going to be really loud, are you sure you want to sit this close?” He assured me that he did!

At one point during the show he removed his shoes, and then his socks. After the next loud rumble of the drums he leaned over to his grandfather and said, “That big noise knocked my socks off!”

Well, that little boy has a great sense of humor – and for me he reminded me of a truth about Christmas. It is amazing. Really amazing. Sometimes around the church we get so accustomed to dealing with the Holy, spectacular, miraculous workings of God that we can lose a bit of that awe and wonder. Tonight’s performance, with the music and lights, the singers and the orchestra, and even the loud rumble of the drums reminded me – Christmas is AWESOME and Jesus knocks my socks off!

The reality of “God With Us” – God revealed to us in Jesus Christ – is something that makes our faith powerful and life transforming. I hope in this Holy season you too find a moment that recaptures the awe and wonder of Christmas.


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