Seeing with God’s eyes

This week I’ve seen a number of blog entries and gotten emails about Susan Boyle, a woman who wowed the crowd and wons the hearts of the judges on “Britain’s Got Talent.” (The UK inspiriation for American Idol.)

You can watch her perform via uTube – the video is about 7 minutes, but you can jump ahead to 1:20 if you want to skip the chit-chat.

There is a great in-depth blog post highlighting how so many people are moved to tears by her performance.

Essentially, the crowd in the studio (and presumably the whole world via uTube) expects very little from Susan based upon what they see with their eyes (a 47 year old unemployed spinster). They are shocked by her amazing musical talent and inner beauty that shine through during her performance! It is a great moment to get a glimpse of the inner beauty that God sees in all of us. It persuaded that crowd to fall in love with her and to repent of their initial judgmental opinions.

However, I wonder about all the other people in the world who don’t fit society’s standards of success like Ms. Boyle and who are not equally gifted with a valued hidden talent.

I am so glad that many people are learning to look past outward appearances and appreciate Ms. Boyle for the amazing woman that she is, but it hurts my heart that the only reason she is now popular is because society finally found a way to say, “Yes! She meets our standards of worthiness so we are allowed to like her now.”

The truth is that ALL of us fail society’s standards in some way. Yet- we’re beautiful in God’s eyes because we are fearfully and wonderfully made. There are no TV shows that highlight God’s standards. No producers who have figured out a way to take God’s angle and film it for all the world to see: humans, made beautifully in the image of God, each equally broken in distinct and unique ways. Thanks to the love of God we are transformed from our brokenness and made whole again.

This is what God sees – past the sin and muck in our lives to who we meant to be through God’s love. Jesus called fisherman and tax collectors to be his closest followers. Not people who would have been great crowd pleasers in that day. Yet, Christ saw past all of that and called people with willing hearts.

I love the ways in which God uses the internet to touch peoples’ lives, and I pray for all those whose hearts are changed by this current phenom- I pray that this might be a starting point on a journey toward loving our neighbors, not for meeting our standards of worthiness, but simply for being a child of God.


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