40 Days of Prayer for the UMC

Would it surprise you to know that the United Methodist Church is growing most rapidly in Africa and Korea? While the UMC is on a decline in North America and Western Europe, this is not true around the globe! God’s spirit is moving swiftly and growing God’s family throughout the world. Yet, there are whisperings of revival and renewal among Methodists in the United States.

Young UM Clergy who love Jesus and who love our church are joining together for 40 Days of prayer. Each day we will join together in a prayer that will be posted on our prayer blog. We’re also asking others to join us in this journey as we strive to move closer to God so there will be revival in our denomination!

Will you join in praying for 40 days, starting on May 18?

We will be praying during the time when annual conferences across our country will be gathering together as we do each spring. This year there will be an opportunity to greatly change our church as we vote on the constitutional amendments that came from General Conference last year. It would be so incredible if we as a denomination experienced God’s Spirit of Revival at this time!

To sign up for the prayers via RSS feed, or simply visit the blog each day starting May 18 go to http://www.umcyoungclergy.com/prayer

May God bless us as we turn Godward for renewal!



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