A little glimpse of Heaven

Today, I had a brief chance to get a glimpse of Heaven. Since Monday I have been in Atlanta, GA at the Festival of Homiletics. All week I’ve been treated to worship, workshops, and lectures with a focus on transoformation through the word of God. Today began with worship and a stirring sermon from Rev. Fred Craddock (a icon in the world of preaching) and continued with back-to-back worship services in the afternoon. As we were making the transition from one service to another, one of the leaders named what I’d been thinking all week, “It is just a little bit like Heaven where we’ll do nothing all day but praise the Lord! We change musicians from one service to the next but we’re all praising no matter how sing!” Finally, this evening I felt like we were being lifted up to the Heavens thanks to the amazing choir of the Victory For the World Church. Worship was an explosion of Gospel music and the Holy Spirit moved swifty through the congregation.

At every worship service there was an opportunity to sing hymns in praise of God. Thanks to the presence of 2,500 other worshippers and a sanctuary with absolutely amazing acustics I was unable to hear my own voice. It blended completely with the chorus where I couldn’t hear myself above anyone else. I think that is one of the best parts of glimpsing Heaven. Experiencing a unity with God and with your brothers and sisters in Christ so completely that you can’t even tell where your voice begins and ends as you celebrate the gift of life and the goodness of God!

These last few weeks have been filled with a lot death among both my personal circle of relationships and our church family. We have lost members, parents of members, and other family members near and far. For us, it is a time of sadness and intense grief. A disorienting change to our lives in this world. But for our loved ones- what a glorious day when they join the choirs in heaven and lift their voices to sing praises to God all day long! I’m grateful for the little glimpse that I’ve experienced today, and it eases my grief to know that the ones I miss are singing right now! And maybe, tomorrow morning during worship, the preachers who gather to sing and worship God might just happen to sing the same song of praise that the heavenly chorus is singing…and all God’s people will lift their voices together in Praise to the One who is Worthy to be Praised!


2 Responses to A little glimpse of Heaven

  1. beth says:

    It was wonderful, wasn’t it. I have a weeks worth of blog reflections I can give on it, if I get my act together 😉

    • revsarah says:

      Looking forward to reading your reflections!

      I was thinking about you and trying to meet up for lunch, but I think I blinked and it was Thursday already 😀

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