The start of something big

Enthusiasm is contagious.

Last week Pastor John blogged about Disney and it brought back happy memories from my family vacation this spring. We spent a week at Disney World and I found that the sense of happiness and enthusiasm for life embodied by the cast of characters (everyone from photographers to costumed folks) absolutely refreshing!

Today I happened upon a youtube video where a random guy starts a dance party. He is at a concert, but everyone around him is seated on the lawn. He is captivated by the music and can’t control his enthusiasm for the music and just dances up a storm. After a minute or so another guy joins him. It is just the two of them jumping around having a great time. Then, a third person joins them. After that two others show up and all of a sudden there is a FLOOD of people who come over to join them dancing and by the end of the three minute video everyone is on their feet dancing.

The person recording can be heard to say, “how did he do that?”

How indeed.

What can the church learn from this?

Looking back to the story of Pentecost we celebrated last Sunday I wonder what it would be like if God’s people let themselves be completely captivated by God’s Spirit that the result would be absolutely contagious? What if our churches were filled with people who just can’t help but invite people into a transformed life with God?

That is, after all, how the church got started. Those few disciples of Jesus Christ gathered in the Upper Room were so filled with the Spirit that they were the start of something big: the world wide church! What if just a few people in our church were willing to be captivated by God so that it would be almost impossible to resist?


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