On Monday I went down at Camp Overlook and volunteered to walk with groups of children and “live the story of Emmaus.” The kids would meet a stranger on the path (me) talk about scripture, and then share in communion together. I walked with 5 different groups of kids, and one of them had three very smart little girls, all about 11 years old.

We were talking about the garden of Eden and I asked them to tell me the story in their own words. One of the girls seemed a little mixed up…she said, “Well, Eve made Adam eat a bad apple, so God punished her and made her give one of her ribs back to Adam!” It was all I could do not to laugh out loud at her ernest try to remember how the story goes!

It can happen to the best of us. Sometimes we hear a story wrong in the first place, other times we think we know it so well we don’t bother to go back to the original, or we hear something once and the details get fuzzy. Any one of us could start to imagine strange twists and turns to our faith, if we just rely on our faulty memories and impressions. I think that is why I’m really enjoying our church’s current sermon series called, “Mythbusters!” We’re addressing some of the things that people hold to be true about Christianity…but are a little mixed up like that camper’s memory.

We’ve already busted the myth that “God is just a big guy in the sky” (of course, I was rooting for the title “God does not look like Gandolf,” but I suppose that is the same idea…) and each week we’ll tackle some of the other faulty myths out there about our faith. What’s the strangest one you’ve heard?


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