Prayer request

Sorry for the unexpected hiatus recently. With Pam (our secretary) out of town I’ve been scrambling lately!

A brief post to ask for prayer for my cousin Jimmy and our family. I think I mentioned him before (if not on the blog, for sure in a sermon) because he has lung cancer. He was admitted to hospice today and I’ll be with him tomorrow to say our good-byes for now. Just talking on the phone had me in tears today. He has walked so closely with Christ since his diagnosis, and he has been such an inspiration to me. He is always so grateful for God’s blessings, like another Thanksgiving or Christmas with the family when he wasn’t expected to make it that long. We don’t expect him to be here to see labor day this year, but I know he’s ready for his home-going. It is the rest of us who will need your prayers when that happens. Thank you.


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