By the light of a silvery moon

Last night I stood and gazed at the full moon. The power and beauty of a full moon always seems so calming.
Suddenly it struck me- the moon itself has no light. The moon simply reflects the light of the sun. When the moon turns in just the right way, and is at just the right spot in the sky (relative to me) the light is brightly reflected. Other times when the moon is turned differently I can only catch a glimpse of the power of the sun by way of reflection.

So it is with human beings. There are times when people, with no grace or love of their own to offer, almost fully and completely reflect the love and light of Christ to all the world.

Other times we turn slightly, and offer only a small reflection of the light of the Son.

I wonder if the change is cyclical like it is with the actual moon or if there is a way to always be in place to completely reflect the Son?


2 Responses to By the light of a silvery moon

  1. Kelli Munoz says:

    This was very inspiring…I’ve never thought of this that way. Very divinely inspired, thank you…much love…Kelli

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