What God can accomplish

Today I’ve spent the whole day listening to a variety of theology lectures and enjoying the company of other provisional elders from the southeastern jurisdiction of the UMC! I’m at the Simpsonwood Conference Center in Atlanta. Not currently underwater, but there are still many homes recovering from the flooding!

In one of our reflection questions a table-mate shared that in his church he has really had a “ministry of expectation.” In the 4 years he has been there the church has learned more about praying and expecting God to act. When we serve a Living God we can rely on the power of prayer to actually make a difference in this world! That doesn’t mean we “get what we wish for” but prayer changes us, and it impacts this world through God’s grace.

Last month I read a quote that asked me, “What am I going to do today that the smartest atheist in town can not?” Some ministers make the mistake of thinking they’re a social worker, or something other than a person who serves a Risen Lord and proclaims a Gospel of Good News! I know that every day no matter what else I have on my schedule, because I am able to pray and that makes an impact in my life and in this world then I have opened myself up to letting God use me and do something through my ministry that could never happen if I were simply a smart atheist!


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