Cardboard Testimonies

I was quite moved by the powerful stories told in just a few words written on a sign during this worship service.

What would you say in 5 words or less about what God has done in your life?

I think for me it would simply be: Thirsty for more. Found Living Waters!


3 Responses to Cardboard Testimonies

  1. Missy Meyers says:

    Thanks for this Sarah for many reasons…I was at a church for their Easter service where they did this same thing–pretty close to word for word. While the people’s stories were powerful, there was something about the whole service that seemed formulaic and not all that authentic. I was feeling guilty for being judgmental about the service and the church when I had no reason to be. I still have no reason to be because the service did touch many people, but at least I feel a little better about my gut feelings.

    • revsarah says:

      Missy, no wonder it felt formulaic if it was identical to another church’s worship experience!!! On another note, I have to admit I’m a little jealous that you were able to attend another church’s worship service at Easter! 😀

  2. Missy Meyers says:

    Well, it was their Saturday service, so that’s how I was able to be there!

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