CS Lewis and the truth of temptation

Last year I saw a theatrical adaptation of CS Lewis’ book The Screwtape Letters. The show is back in D.C. and I encourage you to get a ticket while you still can! The play (and book) provide a lot of food for thought.

Here, the demon “Screwtape” offers advice to a younger demon tempter that one of the ways to tempt a human (the patient) away from God:

“Try to make the patient abandon the people or food or books he really likes in favor of the ‘best’ people, the ‘right’ food, the ‘important’ books.”

I am constantly amazed at how God puts passion for different interests into the hearts of people in this world, and how they can all be a way to experience God in this world. Some people love hiking, others love deep conversation at a pub, while others have a passion for motorcycling. These are all part of the way that God has made us to be different.

I’ve seen people involved in fruitful ministries using all of the passions named above. Is there a God-given passion in your life that has fallen away for some reason or another? How might you use your God-given passions in the next year to glory God and celebrate what God has given to you?


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