The Lenten Journey

This year I’ve been struck by the number of friends who have resolved to “eat healthier” or “exercise more” during Lent, almost as if this is our second chance at a New Year’s Resolution. While those are both extremely important things (that I’m hoping to improve upon myself!) I was struck by this comment on facebook today, “Has my faith become so concerned with behavior modification that I’ve forgotten what it means to unconditionally love somebody?”

That completely hit home for me about what I need for my spiritual journey through Lent this year. I am “giving up” something this year…iPhone apps. It probably sounds kind of silly, but on Wednesday I was struck by the number of times I have a moment of downtime and I pull out my iphone…to check facebook, email, the weather, play a game, or otherwise amuse myself. I realized how it disconnects me from what is going on around me and lets me become too self-absorbed. At Panera today I waited for just a few moments while my lunch companion went to get coffee and already felt like I was itching to pull out my phone and check facebook or my email. Instead, I looked around at all the other people sitting near me. Noticing people I would have otherwise been oblivious to. People that God loves as completely and unconditionally as me, and who I find it easy to look past when I hear my iPhone calling. (pun intended)

While I am deleting my iPhone apps I am going to be adding a few other APPs to my life: Amazing, Powerful Practices. (Thanks to St. Luke’s UMC for the inspiration). These are spiritual practices to help me appreciate God’s unconditional love and to nurture my love for God. I’m changing some habits in my prayer life and other practices for this special season of preparation for Easter.

If you’re looking for some ways to expand your experience with prayer check out my prayer resources page. What are giving up or adding in to your life this season?


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