Radical hospitality

A pastor that I admire blogged this week about a trip he recently took to Florida with his family. In 3 different posts he named special “little” things that made a big difference in his trip, from the airline actually serving snacks to hungry children to a hotel employee knocking on the door when they didn’t answer the phone for a wake up call. The one that really struck me was how much he appreciated the gift basket that the host church prepared. They included little things like sun block for the kids, bottles of water, and even a few little toys. It showed that the hosts were expecting them and had thought about their needs before they arrived.

I wonder how our church can make sure guests feel like that when they attend worship? People with little kids who might need parking near the door…should we have signs like they have at the grocery store now for families with little kids? People who have trouble seeing, should we have large print bulletins? What might help our church let guests know that we’ve thought about them and have been preparing for them? How might we practice radical hospitality?


2 Responses to Radical hospitality

  1. Sheli says:

    After attending the Living Christmas Tree, I was excited to attend a Sunday service at Warrenton UMC. Being new to the area after moving from Upstate New York, I had been attending churches to find my new “church home”.

    When I attended a service, much to my surprise, not one person asked my name nor greeted me in a welcoming manner. After the service, I received a “good morning, nice to see you” but not a real warm welcome.

    I will try UMC again, but just thought this might help with your interest in your topic of practicing radical hospitality.

    • revsarah says:

      Sheli, thank you so much for your note! It breaks my heart to hear this, but am glad you let us know so we can keep growing in hospitality! Blessings, Pastor Sarah

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