Living Life in the Spirit of Love

This week we begin our Easter Sermon Series (because the Easter season is 50 days until we get to Pentecost!): Living the Resurrected Life, “Christ Rose, now what?” We’ll be looking at the Fruit of the Spirit – starting with “Love” this week.

One of the things about love is the way that true love makes sacrifice a natural action – parents give up all sorts of things for their children, partners sacrifice for the benefit of one another, and people in communities give up things for the people they love and the benefit of the group. This instinct can be seen in crisis moments when the safety of someone we love is in jeopardy.

The most moving video that I’ve seen that reminds me of the way that we move to keep our loved ones safe, even to put ourselves in harm’s way, is actually a seatbelt PSA! I know that is someone I loved was careening out of control and I had the ability to stop it I would without hesitation. To me that is why the story of God reaching out to us in love through Christ makes so much sense!


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  1. Katrina says:

    Your blog has been one of my favorites of all time. … Thanks for writing such a great blog. I always enjoyed reading it,

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