Spring Cleaning!

This week I’ve started to feel the itch to Spring Clean. To go sorting through clothes and things I own and start giving them away…

Ever feel like that? You get rid of a bunch of stuff…just to make room for more stuff? New stuff starts to show up, item by item, until we’re back where we started. Sometimes the same is true spiritually. We work and pray really hard so that we will spend less time thinking and worrying about one thing…only to find our energy has just moved to something else draining us! The good news is that when we re-focus our energy toward God, and the concerns of God’s heart and not our own, the result is peace and joy. I invite you to think of what might need to go in your life to allow you the time and energy to focus on God? And, if you find yourself doing a little bit of physical spring cleaning this week don’t forget to bring it to our yard sale to support the music ministry! Yard sale is May 1, so bring things the Sunday before on April 25!


2 Responses to Spring Cleaning!

  1. i always feel like this in the spring! i’m still waiting on moving all my winter clothes into the basement but the corner is turning!

    • revsarah says:

      I’ve lost about 15 pounds since last season and am really looking forward to finding some “treasures” in my wardrobe that haven’t fit in a while! 😀

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