This week we continue our sermon series on “Living the Resurrected Life” and will focus on the fruit of the spirit we call, “Faithfulness.” Thinking about faithfulness reminds me of something I read this winter about the difference between being a fan of Jesus and being a disciple of Jesus.

Jesus had fans and Jesus had disciples.
The fans were there to be entertained and fed.
The disciples were there to become like Jesus.
The fans were there because they loved when his worldview agreed with theirs.
The disciples were there because they loved his worldview.
The fans were there because other fans were there.
The disciples were there because they had started when no one else was around.
The fans were an audience.
The disciples were the backstage crew.
Fans say, “do that again.”
Disciples say, “teach me to do that.”
Fans say, “That’s dumb.”
Disciples say, “They’ll probably kill us, too, but let’s go with him.” (Note that it is Thomas who says this, the one so often criticized for his discipleship and “doubt”!)
Fans come and go as convenient.
Disciples live with you.

Sometimes I think we expect ourselves to make really good disciples – that if we work hard we’ll produce faithfulness ourselves. That isn’t the way it works. God produces faithfulness in us when we’re willing to cooperate with God and show up – to cross the boundary between being a fan and being a disciple. It isn’t always easy to daily make the decision to be a disciple, but I can’t imagine making another choice for my life because the fruit of God’s Spirit is so very sweet and fulfilling.


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