Simple acts of kindness

I have enjoyed hearing this week about some of the “random acts of kindness” that people have done or heard about this week, many in response to Pastor John’s challenge in his sermon recently.

Yesterday I was blessed by a simple act of kindness that really lifted my spirit. I’ve had a sore throat since Wednesday, and with strep throat running through families in the church I knew I should get checked by a doctor quickly so I wouldn’t spread it if I had it too! I was feeling pretty miserable yesterday afternoon and went to the “Minute Clinic” at CVS. The out-to-lunch sign was posted on the door and I’d have to wait an hour to be seen. I felt discouraged because I just wanted to go home and have some tea and not need to come back to CVS in an hour. Then, the Nurse Practitioner came out the door and answered a few of my questions and said, “You know what? I haven’t clocked out yet, let me see you quickly before I go to lunch.” She didn’t have to delay her lunch break for me, and wow, what a kind thing to do! She also knew I was concerned about exposing people to germs tomorrow at the Spring Festival so this morning when she got the results of my test she called me to tell me they were negative, even though they normally only call if it is positive. It didn’t take her but 5 extra minutes to call me to let me know the results for sure, but it made a huge difference in my day! Her kindness made me very grateful this morning for people who see an opportunity to care and reach out to someone!

She probably has no idea how profoundly grateful I am that she took those few minutes to see me and she called this morning, so I’m going to write a letter to let her boss know how much I appreciate her work. I’m also going to keep my eyes open for the next time I can do something simple  that might make a world of difference in the life of someone else!


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