Mission trip to Africa!

My blog has been fairly quiet this summer as I’ve had a lot of exciting events going on in my ministry and life. I do want to be sure to share with you that I will definitely not be blogging for the next two weeks because I will be on a mission trip in Africa! You can expect some pictures and reflections in September when I return to the office.

I will be part of a group of clergywomen going to to work on leadership development with Clergywomen in Mozambique. Their Bishop came to our annual conference last year and at the clergywomen’s luncheon some folks at my table hatched a plan to establish stronger bonds between the clergywomen of the Virginia Annual Conference and the UMC conferences in Mozambique. We will be in the southern conference during our trip.

Our team leaves Sunday evening, August 15. A 17 hour flight from Dulles Airport to Johannesburg, South Africa will take us to our first stop on this journey. That first night will let our team finalizes some of the plans we have been making via email for our program that we will present to our fellow clergywomen. Then, we head to the Bishop’s office in Maputo, Mozambique for a few days to meet with women in that capital city. Then, all of us will travel together about 300 miles north to a small fishing village called Chicuque (a.k.a. Chicoque) in the Inhambane province in Mozambique. I have heard of this town before because of Nancy Forrest’s work there at the Chicuque Rural Hospital.

We fly back August 30 and I’ll be back in the office September 2. I would appreciate prayers for this trip- not only for safe travels, but that God would bless the time that the clergywomen are able to spend together and that we would all learn and grow in ways that will enhance ministry around the world!

You can see on the map below where we will be traveling. The red spot marks the Bishop’s office and the purple spot marks the small fishing village. You can see where Johannesburg is labeled on the map. Did I mention we’d be traveling by land transportation from Chicuque to Johannesburg? Fortunately we’ll be taking a day at the end of the trip to relax and reflect so it won’t be one long drive. Thanks for the prayers. See you next month!


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