November 1 – Halloween lessons I learned this year

Lessons I learned from Halloween 2010:

1. When you run out of candy an hour before the time to trick or treat ends put a sign up on the door or you will have to sit in the dark to eat your dinner – and even then the doorbell will still ring at least twice!

2. The kids love when you ask about their costume, but the parents hate it because they’re cold and want to go home.

3. When you see a girl in a costume dressed up in an outfit that you remember wearing as a child it will make you wonder, “how do fashion trends ever get started?” and “how did my parents ever let me leave the house looking like that?” It will also make you long for the days of wearing your hair in a side ponytail and thinking that you looked totally awesome.

4. Some kids are totally awesome: when one house ran out of candy two little girls saw another kid get upset and reached into their bags to give her some candy instead! Great job cultivating compassion and generosity in your kids, mom and dad! (I’m so proud of my friends who are raising awesome children because I know that takes a lot of work!!)

5. What other holiday has the potential to be used as an excuse to get to know your neighbors? Most days I wouldn’t feel comfortable randomly ringing a doorbell and saying hi to the folks 5 doors down the block, but on Halloween people are expecting the doorbell to ring! (or, at least the folks who have a porch light on are…) Why not take some time next year to just walk up and down the street getting to know more of my neighbors? Maybe even doing some reverse trick-or-treating and bringing them a treat to share? Isn’t this a missed opportunity by so many of us to get to create new relationships with the people in our community?


2 Responses to November 1 – Halloween lessons I learned this year

  1. william says:

    Reverse Trick-or-Treating: aka. SPOOKING. The days leading up to Halloween, kids in the neighborhood will “spook” you by leaving bags of candy on YOUR door, ring your bell, and run away. Little kids all over suburbia LOVE doing this. It is like a practical joke, but it is OK since you are giving the victim candy.

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