November 2 – Why I voted today

Honestly, I voted today because of facebook.

I’ve always been a proponent of voting – exercising our privilege of having access to cast votes in a violence free setting is a gift in this country, not to mention honoring my fore-mothers who had to fight for the rights of women to vote, and of course, if I don’t vote I can’t complain – but this year, with only 1 candidate on the ballot, who was a shoo-in and got over 64% of the vote, I was sorely tempted to bypass the polls.

However, when I signed onto facebook I saw, “49 of your friends have already voted today, have you?” That was enough public accountability to spur me on to cast my ballot! There really is something to this whole public accountability…maybe John Wesley was on to something and would have found a way to leverage facebook for his class meetings? You see, an integral part of the original Methodist movement was the weekly small group gathering (a “wesleyan band”) where members agree to “watch over one another with love.” This meant asking hard questions sometimes and inviting people to be honest about the sin in their life and how God is working in them to become more holy.

I wonder what it would be like if it were possible for facebook to let you join a group, some type of accountability group, and every time you sign in it would ask, “have you ____ today?” 9 of your friends have prayed/read scripture/gone to the gym today.

That is one reason I really love the small group Bible studies I’ve been a part of. I’m currently leading a Wednesday night group called, “1st Place for Health.” Each member has different goals related to living a healthier, more balanced, more godly life. Every week we have a prayer partner who prays for us and makes contact to see how things are going. It is a joy to know I’ve got some great women in our church “watching over me in love.”


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