November 4 – Miracles

Tonight a group of 20 people met to talk about miracles. This group came together because of a sermon Pastor John preached inspired by Bruce Wilkinson’s book “You Were Born for This.”

Part of what the author suggests a Christian should do is let God know we’re ready to be interrupted, and used to “deliver miracles.” Sometimes this can be a Word of Grace needed for a situation while other times it might be an action. The key is to let God know you’re ready and willing to serve so that when the Holy Spirit prompts you to do something you’ll listen! I often have those promptings from the Spirit – call this person, go this way right now, check on so-and-so. I don’t always follow those promptings. I regret not listening to a prompting I got late one Friday to go visit a member who was near death. I thought, “I’ll go early on Saturday. It has been a long week and it is late. I’m so tired!” On Saturday I awoke to the news that he had passed away in the night. He was surrounded by loved ones so I am relieved that he was not alone, but I still think of that prompting as a reminder of why God prompts us in the first place – so we can act and be a channel of God’s grace in this world!

I’m not so happy about God’s interruptions some times. They come at the most inconvenient time. Yet, when I listen to those promptings I am always glad that I did! So, tonight when we all agreed to make ourselves available to be interrupted I thought, “o.k., God – here we go! I’m not sure I’m ready for this, but let’s see what you’re up to!”

I walked back up to my office to finish up my charge conference reports and someone walking out of the Living Christmas Tree rehearsal said, “Pastor Sarah, can we talk?”

Wow, God doesn’t really wait to act once we’re willing to listen, eh?

I had an exciting conversation with a young woman feeling a call to ministry with youth and adolescents! We talked about what she would need to do to prepare for that type of ministry and I got to share in her joy about feeling called to serve. What fun – I’m so glad I let myself get interrupted! 🙂


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