November 9 – God works in the little things

The church has been trying to switch our internet service provider to Comcast cable since April. This will provide us with a much better internet connection than we currently have. However, there have been all sorts of snags and delays in getting the line installed. At this point we have no idea when it will be installed and our staff person working on this project is at a loss on how to proceed to get this done.

Today, a man in a Comcast uniform walked into this staff person’s office. The man was at the church to pick-up tickets to our Living Christmas Tree production in December. After a moment of confusion his reason for being at the church became clear and the staff member explained why he had initially been so excited to see a Comcast employee at the church. As it turns out this man is in charge of quality control for Comcast. He talked for some time with our staff member and assured him that he would hear from Comcast tomorrow and that this situation would finally be resolved!

How amazing to have a person in charge of quality control for a company we’ve been having problems with just show up at the church? God is so good, even in the little things!


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