Perks of Ministry

I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from the blog as of late because I don’t want to write out of obligation but of inspiration and today’s “RevGalBlogPals Friday Five” question inspired me: “What are 5 perks/gifts of ministry for you?”

Ranked in no particular order:

1. The privilege of being invited into some of the most private family moments – sitting with a family as they await the time for their loved one to leave this world and enter into life eternal, or holding the hand of a young woman as she delivers her still-born child only to have her ask me moments later to say a prayer of thanksgiving for her beautiful daughter who awaits her in Heaven.

2. The thoughtfulness of a great community through the various cards I’ve gotten over the years and the very personal “this small gift made me think of you because…” items that people have brought me shows that I have a community that knows, loves, and cares about me in ways I never could have imagined. Just this week I was blessed to be given a photo of a beautiful sunrise framed with a quote from scripture, “This is the day that God has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it!” () because those are the words I quite often say in my worship greeting. That totally warmed my heart so see that picture!

3. The freedom to be creative! I spend hours thinking, dreaming, and praying about what God might be calling me to do as a leader through preaching, teaching, and serving. I’ve been part of worship in ways that I never dreamed of five years ago, and I know that I’m only just beginning a life-time of freedom exploring God’s creativity in order to share it with others and proclaim Good News to all who seek to find hope!

4. Intellectual stimulation. I’ll admit, sometimes my brain goes a little numb when I get bogged down in finance reports or our annual statistics, but the vast majority of the time I’m blessed by challenging questions posed to me by people working out their faith. Some people spend their life wrestling with concerns that have never even occurred to me, and I love when someone asks a question that sets me down a new path of research, pondering, and prayer!

5. Fun! Where else can I laugh through meetings, eat snacks with silly teenagers, have elementary students come up to tell me knock-knock jokes, have 60 costumed pre-schoolers trick-or-treat through my office, play pranks on my co-workers, or howl at certain church members who sing loud and high-pitched songs while decorating the Living Christmas Tree in our sanctuary? I’m convinced that our church has the most fun of any church in our conference.


3 Responses to Perks of Ministry

  1. Gord says:

    I almost included the creativity piece in mine too, but I ahve been feeling rather non-creative of late

    • revsarah says:

      I was just having a conversation with a parishioner this week who asked about the pressure to continually be learning, growing, and exploring creativity in order to write fresh sermons…I agreed it is a challenge to not let the well of creativity run dry but have noticed the connection to my spiritual health and creativity. The times when my inner life feels stagnant are the times when my creativity feels the same way. Sometimes the solution to the lack of vibrancy in my inner life makes me turn to the creative arts – seeking inspiration from others in music or art…or taking a class to learn something new. There is usually something that will spark in me through enough “going through the motions” – kind of like priming a pump – you’ve got to move the handle a bunch of time before the water actually flows!

      Hopefully as winter turns to Spring you’ll find your creativity refreshed…of course, my your email it looks like your in Canada so that probably means a few more months of winter for you than for me here in Virginia in the U.S.! đŸ™‚ Blessings, my sister.

  2. leah says:

    wow, all of the above, maybe especially #2–and thanks for visiting my blog. hugs and hope!

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