Journal Entry Day 2

It is very late Thursday. Today we changed money and did some shopping, bought water and a few things at the Central Market and at “Game” which is similar to Target or WalMart, back home. This is my first trip outside of the US so I have been wide-eyed just taking in the scenery and people. I am struck by the disparity in wealth. We did a lot of driving around Maputo today and we saw homes with fences all around them that looked like small mansions and then just a short drive up the road we saw the beginnings of a shanty town. We drove along the water front (the Indian Ocean) and saw lots of vendors and lots of people swimming and fishing and digging for clams or oysters (I think). It seems like everyone is selling something in Maputo; so many people wanting to sell or begging for money and attention…we have come to be the Body of Christ in the midst of all of this. At the guesthouse in Maputo I have experienced other members of the Body of Christ. Tonight at dinner we met a brother who serves with Young Life in Beira. He is originally from Guatemala, then Miami, Florida, and now for the past 5 years Mozambique. His great love for Christ and for the all of God’s children was pouring from him like fresh water; and are we not to be like living water for each other and for all of God’s children? I thank God for the opportunity to experience the fellowship and community of brothers and sisters in this part of God’s world. May God give us discernment and wisdom as we seek to serve and love in Christ’s name. Tomorrow we are off to Chicuque to meet more sisters and brothers. All day in my head and on my lips has been the song “how lovely on the Mountains are the feet of Him, who brings good news…announcing peace proclaiming news of happiness our God reigns, our God reigns…” The good news has been brought to me, even as I have hoped to bring it to others. Thanks be to God.


P.S. a big “Thank you!” to the UMVIM team from Missouri who went shopping with us and purchased toilet seats for all three of the bathrooms in the Maputo Guest house…we are very thankful for your generosity!


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