Journal Entry Day 5

Sunday, Oct. 21, 2012

Today we attended the Chicuque UMC. We were blessed to have Julio translate for us during the sermon. I was amazed at the offertory. It was such an event of Joy and celebration. “Thanks be to God!” they sang for over 30 minutes. People danced forward putting in coins and bills. First the men, then all the women, now the mothers, and the visitors, now those from the north, now those from the south…on and on. And the aisles were bustling with dancing and smiling.¬† Later I spoke with the Bishop. This was only the UMW annual meeting. At the December annual conference they take up offering for over two hours. “Once they get started,” she said, “you can do nothing but let them go. Until they are all finished they won’t stop.”

After church and the Bishop’s sermon. We had curry for lunch and rice with a salad of tomato, onion and cucumber. We went back to the church to observe a wedding but the bride and groom had been travelling and could not make it to Chicuque. So they will get married on another day. Very different!

We came back to the guest house and decided to go to the beach. There is really nothing to do on Sunday except relax and take Sabbath. We walked down the steep and narrow path to the beach and put our feet in the Indian Ocean.

After our steep climb up the hill to the guest house we all took naps. It is dark by 5:30 p.m. here and there are so many mosquitos we try to stay inside.

We went the sitting room and the Bishop was there. We spoke with her until dinner was ready. The Bishop indicated that at this time there are about 75 clergywomen in her care from North and South Mozambique and South Africa. There are more than 5 times as many male clergy. This is difficult for the women clergy. Many of them are lonely and struggle to find colleagues who are close enough to meet with, even infrequently. Many must wait until conferences or special meetings. I look forward to hearing their stories.

– Lisa


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