Journal Entry Day 8

Last night we left Jerusalem Guest House after the conclusion of our fantastic seminar. We were melting at night, even after moving to a room with a window so we took the opportunity to head to Tofo Beach for the night to get some cooler air.

We asked Orlando, our translator, to help us arrange a place to stay. We had two houses to look at renting. The first had no guard and we were not entirely comfortable in that space so we asked to see the second house, which had a guard. The second house is located on top of a sand dune. We learned that in Africa when something is located at the top of a sand dune, it is not wise to attempt to go there in a bus (or “chapa”). If you’re wondering what could possibly go wrong I invite to you check out our photos from Day 8…and you’ll be able to see our faithful driver Telmo contemplating how best to extricate our bus from the sand. We got stuck not once but twice, and thanks to the efforts of our driver Telmo, our interpreter Orlando, Orlando’s friend and three other kind men from the neighborhood who came with shovels and planks of wood within 90 minutes of hard work and lots of prayers we were safely headed away from the sand dune and back to the tourist part of Tofo. We stopped at a hotel and were extremely pleased to find rooms available to rent at a very reasonable price given the late hour.

We enjoyed a delicious meal at a restaurant that included some local “King Prawns” – jumbo shrimp served with their heads on!

Telmo is truly our hero for working hard with the other men to free our bus from the sand, and also for driving them back to their home towns for the night before he was able to return to the hotel to get some much needed sleep. I hope he enjoyed his rest, and I was pleased to greet him in the hotel lobby the next morning when he returned from the beach where he gathered some seashells for his family.

Our journey from Tofo back to Maputo included a trip to the Xaixai KFC. Yup, the hardest meal of my trip to find Gluten Free food was the one fast food restaurant! Rice with some kind of protein at every other meal suited me just find. We also learned on that car trip that we should expect a “Bano publico” to be nasty…although the bathrooms at the gas station might indeed be much  nicer and cleaner than the ones at the restaurants…

Alas, we did not get any photos of the “Mozambican road flairs” but we did witness a truck broken down by the side of the road. This accident was clearly marked with palm fronds and branches. This works well in the daylight, but not so well after dark.

We enjoyed the trucks filled with goats – we captured our photo of one that was barely full, but did see one filled with three layers of goats!

– Sarah


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