Final Reflections on Mozambique

We are so grateful for the hospitality extended to us during our travels in Mozambique. We have such fond memories of those who were the body of Christ welcoming us with open arms. From Naftal, who helped with the planning and arranged many details, to the Bishop graciously spending time with us when she was surely exhausted after the women’s conference, to our hero Telmo our driver and faithful companion. With joy and humor he served Christ by shepherding us through the week.

We have some memories we want to archive for ourselves and will save here…

“Moo aqui”

You can buy mcell phone minutes from the guys wearing yellow shirts selling scratch off cards through your window on the bus.

There is are fruitas and liquid frutas.

Capulanas are beautiful…and addicting to collect!

Personal space.

Tin can cars!

Finally, you’ll see the pictures of the folks who welcomed us during our time in Mozambique. Telmo, Naftal, Vitoria, Betty, and more. Each encounter with them brought us closer to God in a different way. For Telmo’s great joy of life and faithful guidance and protection during our trip, to Naftal’s observation of the need for theological thought native to the African context and culture, to Vitoria’s pastoral wisdom about the issues faced by so many in her care, to Betty’s hospitality and simple kindness in the guest house.

Along our journey there moments of great joy and laughter, moments of sadness and weeping with others in pain, a few moments of trepidation and uncertainty, and yet through it all the continually presence of God guiding our journey and gushing for the Living Water from which we drank deeply.

Thanks be to God!

~ Sarah


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