Prayer Resources

A deep prayer life doesn’t come from a formula or only one method of praying – it comes from actually praying regularly no matter how you choose to do it!

However, at the beginning prayer might seem daunting because it is so new. Or, after a while it might seem like we’re in a rut. Hopefully a few of these resources will be helpful to others. I know a few in particular have made a big difference in my life!

Where to start?

Praying as we are – find your “spiritual type” and then explore ways to pray for that type.

Digital Listening Options

1. One of my favorite uses for my iPhone is to play the daily scripture reading and meditation from

As soon as I wake up I’m able to start my day with 10 minutes of scripture and music and listening for God’s voice. This is an excellent resource for me because I am not a morning person and really struggle with being awake enough to read and comprehend scripture and a devotional book – but I can listen and pray!

2. Prayers from Taizé, France The monastic brothers of Taizé have podcasts that are about ten minutes of singing and prayers, as well as the full download of their Saturday evening prayer.

Praying with movement

Prayer for really organized, methodical, “J” type people

Prayer for Extroverts

Prayer for those in Recovery

Praying with Scripture

  • Lectio Divina – Divine Reading. Holy Listening. Hear God’s word for you from scripture.

Prayer alone or with others

Daily Examen – At the end of a day pray for God to bring to your heart the moment for which you are most grateful. If you relive one moment of that day what would it be? Be grateful and give thanks for this moment. Now, ask God to bring to your heart the moment for which you are least grateful. What was said and done in that moment to make it so difficult? Remember that moment without wishing to change it. Let God’s love wash over you as you remember that moment. Give thanks for God’s presence with you now. Give thanks for whatever you have experienced today, knowing that God is constantly at work for good. A great book for exploring this practice is called, “Sleeping With Bread: Holding What Gives You Life.” This is an excellent practice for married couples to share together, or for families to practice with children.

Other questions to ask for examen:

Where did I feel most love today? / Least loved?

Where did I feel/see/hear God’s presence today? Where was God most present? / Where was God most absent?

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